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Jul 27, 2020

Joe Matar, VP of Marketing with Brazen, joins to discuss the intersection of marketing and recruiting. Joe has led marketing efforts at Brazen, a Recruitment AI company, for the last three years. We also discuss:

- What recruiters can learn from marketers and vice versa

- If it's worth it as an individual contributor at...

Jul 20, 2020

Danny Marcano, Technical Recruiter at TalentSolvers, joins to discuss how those interested in the recruiting industry can join. We specifically discuss: 

- Danny's own journey and the challenges he faced when joining

- Actionable steps to those looking to become a recruiter

- What the application process looked like


Jul 13, 2020

Matt Grimes, Talent Leader at U.Group, joins to discuss the differences between working in-house and an agency. As somebody who has worked in-house for his career and moonlighted as an agency worker simultaneously, he has a unique perspective into both worlds. We also cover: 

- Job hunting during COVID-19

- How and when...

Jul 6, 2020

Will McGhee, Founder of Atalent Services, joins to give his perspective as a new Founder on the most important things to consider when considering starting an agency. We also cover: 

- Atalent's marketing and branding strategy

- How to get job orders without cold calling or cold emailing

- Pivots made during COVID-19